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Glitter Silly Putty

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Technically, I took the science out of this one because I pre-measured  - but that makes for less mess in the library.  

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Paper Circuits

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Another great resource:

Paper circuits are really simple and the final products look great. is wonderful for templates, but supplies are cheapest at

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Rubics Cube Mosaics

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YouCanDotheCube Website

You can borrow 50, 100, or up to 1000 rubics cubes FOR FREE from the website above (just need to pay for shipping).  They send you instructions and there are all kinds of templates.  It's pretty awesome.

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Snap Circuit Spin Art

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Jazz up your snap circuits by adding some markers and paper.  Results are beautiful.

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Marble Runs

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If you are lucky you have kids at home who have outgrown this wonderful toy.  I have both plastic and wooden runs my students love setting up on any given day.

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Bristol Bots

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Again, supplies can be cheaply purchased on Fun little project. Cheap toothbrushes can be bought at the DollarTree or, if you're not squeamish, recycle!!