create opportunities for students to explore, collaborate, and grow...

No matter what your physical space, you can make a MakerSpace that works.  I use medium plastic totes so students can grab materials and work anywhere in the library.  If you can invest in a great worktable with lots of storage, it's a game changer.

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  • Support social and emotional development, creativity, and academic skills.

  • Enhance building knowledge, critical thinking and collaboration skills

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Boost communication, problem solving skills, and creativity with low tech makerspace activities. 

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I am not a tech, nor science oriented person, but I do try to incorporate all the elements in my library ~ because the students should be exposed to it all.  Our budget is small, I am always looking for grants, and so I try... 

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The Internet is a vast and endless resource, here is what I have found to be super helpful for my makespace adventures...