Low Tech MakerSpace Ideas

They don't need to be fancy or even too complicated, just fun!


You can also make it work in a small space.  Click hear to see how I managed a MakerSpace in just a corner of my library.

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 8.24.32 PM.png

Glass Magnets

Super simple, but keep wipes on hand because it can be a little messy.

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 8.44.36 PM.png

Mummy Luminaries

I used the link below but made the project even easier by using googly eyes.  And, of course, electric votives.

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 8.48.23 PM.png

Tape it up!

There is literally nothing to this activity except providing different color duct and decorative tape.  I try to get donations.

Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 1.18.36 PM.png

Aluminum Foil Sculpture

Not the most Earth friendly, but, it can bring out some really creative moments.

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 12.53.08 PM.png

Craft Lace or Boondoggle

An art form that has been around for who knows how long? Supplies are cheap and the possibilities for students to be generous to others are endless.

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 1.06.55 PM.png

Card Making Station

I asked our Student Council to pay for the supplies in our card making station.  Students earn service hours because cards are given to Meals on Wheels drivers to add to delivered meals.

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 1.17.25 PM.png

Paper Ornaments

Recycling withdrawn books for the holidays is a great way to reduce and reuse!

Screenshot 2020-03-14 at 3.00.22 PM.png

Button Making

Buttons never seem to go out of style. You can tie them into academics, use them for fundraising, or just for fun. Also, buying a high quality machine is a great investment. 

Screenshot 2020-03-14 at 4.12.47 PM.png

Perler Beads

I never dreamed these would be so popular with high school, but these melting plastic beads are by far the most sought after activity in the MakerSpace.  I keep an iron and a cork trivet for students to use.  Project ideas are endless on the internet.

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 5.00.16 PM.png

Book Wreath

Requires a lot of patience and paper, but the end result is pretty fabulous.  The link below is to the full online tutorial.

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 5.02.40 PM.png

Book Turkey

The classic book book turkey project which makes an impressive decoration during November. The link is to a YouTube video with full instructions.

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 5.31.21 PM.png

Loom Knitting

If you can get circular looms, your students can be knitting hats within minutes. The site below has an excellent video along with many other wonderful projects.