The pandemic sure has us librarians and teachers getting creative!  Most of my displays and book talks involve LOADS of hands on games.  Here are my modifications and book talks that are ideal for hybrid and remote situations.

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 10.52.46

Who doesn't love a good game of Jeopardy?  The slide show linked below is incomplete - it's just a starter to give you the idea.

I ended up using a website called Factile so students can buzz in.  It was worth the $5.00 - simply for the score keeping feature.  

This worked on chromebooks and student laptops.

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 11.08.09

For contact-free book borrowing, I used a "Book Fix Box" system. Students could fill out a google form and I would deliver it to their classrooms (or leave a stack in the lunch room for pick up).  In the box is the book, a book mark, a "comment card," and a jolly rancher or lollipop.  


Digital Scavenger Hunt

We are lucky enough to have access to Sora, a digital library of audio and e-books.  I created 4 scavenger hunts using Google forms and all answers can be found on Sora - this could easily be done with your OPAC.  

At the end of each hunt is a clue - in this case they winning team is the first one to figure out the movie where the quote is from.  Here's how the junior high clues go:

Answer: A League of their Own

Each hunt is linked to the google form so you can see how I put the scavenger hunts together.  It's great search term practice as well as a review of proper nouns as answers are case sensitive